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Important Notice

All donations being donated to Corbin are being sent to assist other Trisomy babies and families.

Corbin's Story

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it all started out like a relatively normal pregnancy. A positive test and five more positive tests (we couldn't be too sure), a visit to the doctor to confirm, and the start of a beautiful life. Ultrasounds revealed a large... cyst on my right ovary which forced us to attend bi weekly and sometimes weekly appointments to check the cysts progression. We didn't mind though because this allowed us to witness the growth and changes in our beautiful baby right before our eyes.

Why we gave him the name Corbin

Well I figured today is the perfect day to tell the story of Corbin\'s name. Some have just been curious where we came up with Corbin Alfred while others have not... but the irony is too hard not to share.

You see my Grandfather is Alfred Charles Collins Sr, My father Alfred Charles Collins JR, and my brother Alfred Charles Collins the III. (As you see the name stayed strong).

In October 2010 my family received the news that our grandfather had passed away. It took a toll on our family. But a couple weeks later my brother announced that he and his fiance were expecting! Well surely this was a sign, it was SURE to be a boy, and he would continue to pass the name. There would be a fourth generation! But my Grandfather was always stubborn, of course he wanted to play a joke. My sister in law gave birth to a little girl nine months later! 

My brother went on to have another child, another baby girl. What a beautiful little girl. How was the name suppose to carry on if he kept having girls! (We love them just the same! 

On July 25th 2012, exactly one year ago today, I received the call that my father at the young age of 42 had passed away unexpectedly. A call no 19 year old should ever receive. But of course a few weeks later I had a positive pregnancy test. And of course it would be a boy (my father was selfish in that sense :p). Nine months later I gave birth to a beautiful baby boy. Against all odds, he lived! My father, his grandfather, watching him like a hawk. I still believe to this day that my father and Grandfather are watching over him, their first grandson and great grandson. 

*We still hope my brother has a boy so he can carry on the full name.

Balloon Release

You can join facebook event here:

Let's turn the sky teal for CORBIN

Please join us around the world in celebrating Corbin's life on 8/19/13 between 4:15-4:30

You may create a local event, gather a small group or release a balloon individually.

Corbin Alfred McHenry born 4/4/13 was called home on 8/17/13.

Corbin was diagnosed with Trisomy 13 and defied the odds placed against him for 135 days.

He is a hero, an angel, and an inspiration around the world. Instead of mourning his death we celebrated his precious life.

Thank you for all the support and encouragement.


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